Welcome to the symposium of the British performance company Forced Entertainment, the winner of the 2016 Ibsen International Award.

24. SEPTEMBER, 10-14.45
Nationaltheatret, Hovedscenen

Curator: Therese Bjørneboe

Welcome to the symposium on the British performance company ForcedEntertainment, the winner of the 2016 Ibsen International Award.

The company is known researching the outer reaches of theatre, and the relationship between theatre, performance, play and reality.  The company desires to both entertain as well as confuse the audience, and regards the live aspect as crucial to transforming the theatre into a negotiating space. Absurd, comical, gloomy and tragic are designations that are often used about thecompany’s work, which according to the jury is marked by a serious attitude towards the role of theatre in society.

Forced Entertainment develops its performances collectively, by and large without a finished text, and through improvisation or devising. The collective gives the works an important political dimension, which we will elucidate at the symposium. 

At the symposium, the artistic manager of the company, Tim Etchells, will speak with author and professor Adrian Heathfield. Joe Kelleher, a professor at the University of Roehampton, Séverine Ruseth- Penketh from Université de Stendahl in Grenoble and Sara Jane Bailes from Performance Studies at the University of Sussex will analyse the works of Forced Entertainmentthough their own research.

The symposium will conclude with a discussion where the academic and practical perspectives will be tied together, and with participation of the company’s actors.

Moderator: Dr. Camilla Eeg- Tverrbakk, dramaturg and First Amanuencis atHøgskolen i Østfold/ Akademi for scenekunst.