• Peter Handke

    Winner of the 2014 International Ibsen Award

  • Heiner Goebbels

    Winner of the 2012 International Ibsen Award

  • Jon Fosse

    Winner of the
    2010 International
    Ibsen Award

  • Ariane Mnouchkine

    Winner of the 2009 International Ibsen Award

  • Peter Brook

    Winner of the
    2008 International
    Ibsen Award

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The International Ibsen Award honours an individual, institution or organization that has brought new artistic dimensions to the world of drama or theatre.

Live stream from the International Ibsen Conference 2014

Live stream from the International Ibsen Conference, where Peter Handke, the winner of this years International Ibsen Awards, will give his acceptance speech. Starting September 22nd, 2014, at 11:00 am.

Winner 2014 statement

This video statement was given by Peter Handke in his home outside of Paris upon being awarded the 2014 International Ibsen Award.

«The spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom - these are the pillars of society.»

Press release - winner of International Ibsen Award 2014

Winner of the 2014 International Ibsen Award: Peter Handke. The International Ibsen Award, the world's leading theatre award, is awarded to individuals or institutions that have made a significant contribution to the development of theatre as an art form. The winner receives NOK 2.5 million.

The Committee’s statement on the 2014 winner

It is easy to imagine Peter Handke as the antithesis of the playwright Henrik Ibsen: he is an epic poet, innovative, and a trained storyteller through his translations of the works of antiquity for the stage.

New committee 2015 - 2016

New Committee: Julie Holledge, Stephan Braunschweig and Sofia Jupither are new members of the International Ibsen Award committee.

Acceptance speech

Heiner Goebbels delivered his acceptance speech at the Ibsen Conference in Skien 10th September.

«It is no use lying to one's self.»

Heiner Goebbels receives the International Ibsen Award

The committee handed out the award at the National Theatre in Oslo Saturday 8th September.